flood Light 3.04.0 high quality 5 years warranty Solar Flood Light

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Model NO.: WaWa 3.0 /4.0

Warranty: 5 years

Brand shaobosolar


Port: Qingdao

payment term: TT

Delivery time: within 15days after getting the deposit

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WaWa Light 3.04.0

Independent research and development, patented products, greater rotation angle and more applicable scenarios;
Back column design, faster and scientific heat dissipation, thickened and widened bracket, stable and firm installation;
Integrated design, modular production, one button installation;
Low voltage design, safe and reliable;
Integrated packaging factory, convenient transportation;

Gold Plated aviation plug, high-speed transmission more secure;
Lithium iron phosphate battery has reliable quality and long service life;
Using high efficiency LED, the service life is as long as 50000 hours;
Using polycarbonate (PC) outdoor optical lens, high transmittance, anti-aging, high temperature resistance, no deformation;
Light reflection diamond surface, effectively enhance brightness, multiple sealing guarantee, higher waterproof level.

WaWa Light 3.04.0
WaWa Light 3.04.0
ON key:turn on OFF key: turn off AUTO key; Reset, 6+X overnight lighting mode 6H key: lights off after 6 hours 8H key; lights off after 8 hours 85%6 key: reduce 15% power 709%6 key: reduce 309% power

ON key:turn on
OFF key: turn off
AUTO key: Reset, 6+X overnight lighting mode
6H key: lights off after 6 hours
8H key: lights off after 8 hours
85% key: reduce 15% power
70% key: reduce 30% power

WaWa Light 3.04.0

Product Advantage

■Independent R%D, patented products, integrated design, modular production, one-click installation.
■With high efficiency LED, with 50000 hrs life span.
■With LiFePO4 battery, high safety, long life span.
■Diamond surface reflection process, reflecting light source, enhancing the brightness of the lighting effectively.
■Widened and thickened bracket, positionable angle, installation stable & firm.
■With PC outdoor optical lens. High light transmittance, high temperature resistance and aging resistance.
■Gold-plated aviation plug, higher transmission speed, more safer.
■Low voltage design, safe and reliable.
■Integrated package, convenient transportation.

Application place

It is widely used in home lighting, streets and roads, residential areas, scenic spots, parks, squares, private gardens and other public places, also used for night lighting of advertising board, and construction outdoor lighting, easy to install, energy saving, no need to pay electric fee lonaer life span.

Model BCT-VWV3.0 BCT-WW4.0
Solar Panel Voltage/Power 5V/36W 5V/50W
Life Span 25 years 25 years
Battery Voltage/Capacity 3.2V/25Ah LiFePO4 battery 3.2V/35Ah LiFePO4 battery
Life Span 8-12 years 8-12 years
Light Source Luminous Flux 16001m 2000lm
Life Span 50,000 hrs 50,000 hrs
Lighting Time 6+X/lntelligent power control, and can use remote control to adjust brightness and working mode.
Lens With PC outdoor optical lens, high light transmittance.
Solar Penal Wire Length Standard 2.4m; Optional extension line 2m
Warranty 5 years
Qty of Package 8pcs
Package Size 533x400x238mm
WaWa Light 3.04.0
BCT-WW3040 WaWa Light 30 40 2020-12-11_00(1)_01

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