• 350W Mono Solar Module

    350W Mono Solar Module

    Mono solar modules are with high-efficiency and high-reliability, the maximum power can reach as high as 350W, even 360W, with tolerance 0-3%. And they can perform better in lower temperature, weaker sun circumstance. Mono solar modules can effectively protect customer’s generating capacity and investment income. Therefore, 350W mono solar modules are mostly used for large and small on-grid or off-grid solar power stations.

  • 335W Mono Solar Module

    335W Mono Solar Module

    SHAOBO 335W mono solar modules are made of 72 pcs of mono crystalline silicon cells, widely used for home roof tops, ground mounted power stations and roof of industrial and commercial buildings; with strong frame withstanding 5400Pa snow load and 2400Pa wind load; which can perform well in harsh conditions.

  • 330W Mono Solar Module

    330W Mono Solar Module

    SHAOBO 330W mono solar modules perform well at high temperature with small power attenuation, with good PID-free performance.. All SHAOBO panels subjected to authoritative test standard in solar industry to assure high and enduring reliability and durability. SHAOBO used 100% 156.75*156.75 mono PV cells with high-efficiency. Our Solar Panels are tested by TUV Rheinland and CE.

  • 320W Mono Solar Module

    320W Mono Solar Module

    We, SHAOBO, specialized in solar panel industry for about 10 years, our PV modules are popular because of the accurate data, strong quality and short lead time. 320W mono solar modules , 335w and 350w mono solar modules are all made of 72 cells of 156.75*156.75mm mono crystalline silicon cells. They can be applied to led power support, solar power system, communication zone, etc.

  • 300W Mono Solar Module

    300W Mono Solar Module

    Some customers ask us for 300W mono solar modules, but actually the output power is far higher than 300W. The technical data of 300W mono solar panels may as same as 320W, for we never do negative tolerance. Some other supplier may use 60cells to produce 300W mono PV panels, which can only reach 290W, but we won’t do that. You have nothing to worry about our quality and reputation.

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