• 290W Mono Solar Module

    290W Mono Solar Module

    SHAOBO mono solar modules, also called as mono solar panels are of high efficiency, PID resistant, low-light performance, severe weather resilience and durability against extreme environment conditions. 290W mono solar modules are made of 60 pcs of 156.75*156.75mm mono cells with efficiency as high as 20.4%. 60 cells solar panels ranges from 250W to 290W, and even 300W with higher efficiency cells. We all can help produce as per your request.

  • 280W Mono Solar Module

    280W Mono Solar Module

    ShaoBo 5BB design module reduce cell series resistance and stress between cell interconnectors improves module and module conversion efficiency;Excellent mechanical load resistance: Certified to withstand high wind loads(2400Pa)and snow load(5400Pa) High quality solar cells, advance encapsulation system for improved performance High transparent low-iron tempered glass, high quality-UV  EVA and back sheet Multi-ply performance testing for each module, to ensure the product quality and output performance Anodization aluminum frame with anticorrosion, to ensure solar module working under extreme outdoor environment PV module performance guarantee 25years

  • 260W Mono Solar Module

    260W Mono Solar Module

  • 270W Mono Solar Module

    270W Mono Solar Module

  • 250W Mono Solar Module

    250W Mono Solar Module

    SHAOBO solar panels are guaranteed with higher or equal requested power for we only sort cells with higher efficiency. 250W mono solar module is actually have much higher maxpower than 250w, only labeled as 250W solar panel. We have cemi-automatic production line which ensure the system quality control, and our solar panels have 10 years product warranty and 25 years of liner performance warranty. To buy from us you have no worries about quality.

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